Application Benchmarking Tool – AppTimer

Recently I’ve talked about a benchmarking tool that can easily assess the performance of the overall computer. But what if you want to check the performance of a particular application? AppTimer is a small portable application that can help you in benchmarking an application’s startup time.

AppTimer is very easy to use utility. It runs an application multiple number of times and then automatically closes it in order to measure the amount of time taken by the application to start successfully.


The UI of AppTimer is not so difficult. You need to select the executable which you want to assess. The results of the benchmark are saved in a log file which can be configured. You can also set the no. of times AppTimer runs an application in order to measure the time. The more the runs, the more accurate will be the results. You can also select the close method. The recommended method is WM_CLOSE but you can choose other methods too. One thing that you must take care is the Window name. If you don’t specify the window name, it will not be able to find the application for processing. You will see a failed error message in the log file. You should give the title of the application windows in order for AppTimer to find the application properly. When you’re finished configuring, just click on the Run App button and AppTimer will start its work.

Download AppTimer