Antivirus Not Detected In Windows 7 System Health Report [Hotfix KB2482947]

If you’re using an Antivirus in your Windows 7 PC but it is not being detected by the System Health Report that you generate.

To generate the System Health Report, you will need to open the command prompt with administrative previlleges and then issue the following command:

perfmon /report

perfmon report

If you’re getting the report that no Antivirus is installed on your system then you’ll need to install a hotfix from Microsoft. This issue occurs because the system health report engine uses an incorrect Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) namespace to query information about installed antivirus applications.

This issue can be easily solved by downloading and installing the hotfix provided by Microsoft.

Download Hotfix KB2482947

The above link will take you to the download request page from where you can choose the hotfix that is appropriate for your Windows and then download it.