Download Android USB Drivers for Windows (LG, Samsung, HTC, Hauwei, Motorola)

I recently purchased a new Samsung smartphone with Android installed. It was a great learning experience while connecting it to my Windows laptop. I thought of sharing my experience here. Android USB drivers for Windows are needed to connect an Android device in Windows.

Why is it important to connect the Android smartphone device to Windows? Just because we can make use of advanced features like transferring media files, backing up the Android phone etc. Windows does not come with built-in Android drivers.

Android USB Drivers

Another unfortunate thing is that there are different USB drivers for each Android phone brand. For example, we will need to install different Android USB drivers for LG, Samsung, HTC, Hauwei, Motorola, Intel etc..

If you want to develop Android applications, you will need to had latest Android SDK installed which will install ADB (Android Debug Bridge) for communication between the device and Windows software.

Download Android SDK tools from Google. It will include a lot of utilities including Google USB driver package. It also includes the latest Android system image for simulation on Windows. You should turn on Debugging on your Android device in order for the SDK to work correctly.

Download Android USB Drivers for Windows (All Devices)

PDAnet is a tethering application for Android devices. Its main purpose is to share the Android device Internet connection with Windows or Mac clients. But another feature of PDAnet is that it can automatically install the USB drivers of your device needed by Windows in order to connect.

But if you want to download and install the drivers manually, you can do so by clicking on the appropriate download link below.

Intel drivers

Download Intel USB driver for Android devices

This driver will work only for devices with Intel Atom processors.

Google drivers

Download Android USB drivers for Google Nexus

These are basically the same as Android SDK as Google’s USB drivers are included in the SDK.

Motorola drivers

Download Droid USB drivers for Motorola Devices

These are universal drivers for Windows. They work with all versions of Windows including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Just download the drivers for your platform and follow the instructions for installation.

HTC drivers

[download id=”47″]

Huawei drivers

[download id=”48″]

LG drivers

[download id=”49″]

ASUS drivers

[download id=”50″]

Sony Ericsson drivers

[download id=”51″]

ZTE drivers

[download id=”52″]

Dell drivers

Dell provides different drivers for different devices. You will need to choose your product in order to download the specific drivers for it.

Download Android USB drivers for Dell devices

Fujitsu drivers

Download Android USB drivers for Fujitsu devices

Please note that this page is in Japanese. You will need to translate it in English through Google translate and download the latest drivers. The drivers are updated frequently so I have decided not to upload them on our servers as they will get outdated quickly.

The driver installation is very similar to installing other device drivers in Windows. For manual installation, just go to the Device Manager, right click the device and install the new drivers.

Although I have tried my best to link to the latest drivers, if you think the drivers are outdated, please let me know through comments and I will try to update the drivers. If you know of any other drivers for Android, please share it in the comments and I will update the article accordingly.