Alt – Tab Keyboard Shortcut Alternative For Windows

If you are a shortcut lover and use a lot of shortcuts while using Windows, you must be familiar with the popular Alt – Tab keyboard shortcut which is used to switch between open windows and applications. The open apps and windows usually show up in the task bar but one has to take the mouse cursor on top of the window icon that needs to be maximized or restored and then click on the icon in order to open the window. This takes more time as compared to pressing Alt – Tab from the keyboard. Alt – Tab lets the user cycle through all the open windows. This is a sequential process. You can press Alt – Shift – Tab in order to cycle backwards.

Windows 7 comes with another keyboard shortcut for the same purpose, WinKey – Tab. This shortcut will visualize the open windows and apps in a 3D form which makes it easier for the user to see the actual contents of the window.

WinKey - Tab shortcut for cycling through open windows

But there is a problem with these two keyboard shortcuts that Windows provides, both the shortcuts provide a sequential way to cycling through the open windows. If you have many windows open, you will find it easier to use the mouse instead of the keyboard.

To fix this problem, there have been many alternatives to the default Alt – Tab keyboard shortcut functionality. VistaSwitcher is one of the better alternative which makes use of a visually appealing design combining Alt – Tab and WinKey – Tab functionality. It can replace the default Alt – Tab function so that it will always open the switching windows when Alt – Tab is pressed.

Alt -Tab Switcher

VistaSwitcher lists down all the open windows with their titles on the right hand pane while the left hand pane displays the preview of the selected window. You can also use the mouse to select the desired window from VistaSwitcher.

Alt - Tab Switcher system tray icon

Upon installation, VistaSwitcher will ask you if you want it to run on Windows startup so that it permanently replaces the default Windows functionality. After the first configuration, it is more like a set it and forget it software. There is no need for further configuration. It will just keep on sitting in the system try and do its work seamlessly.

Concluding, VistaSwitcher is a better alternative to the default Windows Alt – Tab and WinKey – Tab functionalities which can make the users job easier if there are a lot of windows open. What are your thoughts about this software?

Download VistaSwitcher

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