Download Adobe Reader XI (11) Offline Installers (All Languages)

Adobe has released a new version of Adobe Reader, a popular software to read PDF documents on your computer. The new version of Adobe Reader XI is available for download from Adobe servers. If you have already installed Adobe Reader, you will be able to update it through Help –> Check for updates menu.

Check for updates in Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader XI comes with some improved features. Some of the features include the following:

  • Improved Sign files with e-signatures
  • Improved Comment using the PDF annotator
  • Improved Fill out forms
  • Ease deployment
  • Manage security compliance
  • Protect your system

Adobe Reader XI opening

Adobe Reader XI comes with complete support for Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion. This means that the users will be able to use the PDF reader on touch enabled devices.

Now you can convert your PDF documents into Word or Excel online for free. This feature is free for one year. The PDF annotator is also an amazing introduction as this will enable teams to collaborate on the same PDF file and the collaboration remains within the file itself.

The performance of Adobe Reader has always been questionable because it took large amounts of memory to open a single PDF file. This alone has forced the users to switch to other PDF readers like Foxit Reader and Nitro PDF Reader.

I tested the memory usage of three PDF Readers, Adobe Reader XI, Foxit Reader and Nitro PDF Reader. The results were quite satisfactory for Adobe Reader. I opened the release notes PDF file in the three readers and here are the results:

  • Adobe Reader XI memory usage = 40.5 MB
  • Nitro PDF Reader = 55 MB
  • Foxit Reader = 11.5 MB

This is quite an achievement for Adobe as the same PDF file was taking 80+ MB with Adobe Reader X. Please note that I had downloaded the file before opening it in these readers.

When you go to Adobe download page, Adobe will provide an online installer for Adobe Reader. But we are giving offline installers for Adobe Reader 11.

Adobe Reader XI (11) offline installer English (en-US)

Adobe Reader XI (11) offline installer Brazilian (pt-BR)

Adobe Reader XI (11) offline installer French (fr-FR)

Adobe Reader XI (11) offline installer German (de-DE)

Adobe Reader XI (11) offline installer Spanish (es-ES)

Adobe Reader XI (11) offline installer Russian (ro-RO)

For all other languages, please go to Adobe FTP Adobe Reader 11 directory and select your language for offline download.

Update (22-Feb-2013): Adobe has released yet another security patch for Adobe Reader 11. Now you can download the updated installer links for Adobe Reader 11.0.2.

Update (10-Jan-2013): Adobe has released a security update for Adobe Reader 11. You may want to get the updated installer links for Adobe Reader 11.0.1. There are two ways to update. One is to just install the update patch (links given in the article). This is only possible if you have Adobe Reader 11 installed on your computer. Second, download the complete installer and install Adobe Reader from scratch (links given in the article).