Adobe Reader Offline Installers For All Operating Systems

Before we get in the detail of how and where we can install various versions of Adobe reader,lets first discuss the comparison of Adobe reader’s latest version with the previous one and see what are the changes and what features are updated.

Adobe Reader 11 vs Adobe Reader DC:

Adobe reader DC is the latest version of Adobe reader and it has brought a lot of changes with this update. Although these changes mightor might not be useful for the users who are still using Adobe reader 11. So given below are some of the comparisons of the different versions.

  • The best and probably the most significant change in Adobe reader DC is that you get Cloud storage and lets you track the online storage of your PDF documents. Through this you can share the documents on any other of your devices for example on mobile phones, which is not a facility you can not enjoy in the Adobe reader v 11.
  • Adobe reader 11 does not convert documents from Word, Photoshop etc to PDF whereas this option is available in Adobe reader DC.
  • Adobe reader DC lets you digitally sign the PDF documents where as in Adobe reader 11 there are fewer security measures for when collecting digital signatures.
  • Some features are similar among these two versions. You can edit, create, share The PDF files on network.
adobe_reader 11

adobe reader DC

Adobe reader Replacements:

Even though Adobe reader is the most widely used PDF reader but there are some cons of using Adobe reader and in order to cover that we have a list of other document readers that can entirely replace Adobe reader.

Sumatra PDF:

Sumatra PDF is a very smooth document reader for Windows. It has a very small size of 7 MB which is a huge benefit when compared with 150 MB size of Adobe reader. It can be easily carried in an USB and can be installed in seconds in any computer if you want to read any document. It is a great choice for readers who do not look for a lot features when using a reader and wants to keep it simply for just reading documents.

Sumatra pdf


Mu PDF takes it to next level hen we talk about being lightweight. It does not even have a Graphical Interface.You don’t have to launch it like your normal readers by double clicking it. You can launch it by typing a command in the command prompt ” mupdf [PDF_file_path] “. It is not for the people who like things easy. As it requires the use of keyboard a lot to make changes or to interact with your document. It is a really useful reader if you are looking to open Graphic intense documents.

mu pdf


Skim is a very powerful yet compact reader for MAC OS, It lets user play around a lot with the document. You can edit, Magnify, crop,snip your document. It actually provides a lot of features that the Adobe reader does not provide. You can also use it as a note-taker given the features it provides.

Browsers built-in readers:

There are solutions if you don’s want to download any reader at all, you can simply open in the browser that you have downloaded the document in. Considering some of the famous browsers lets take a look at their built-in readers:

Google Chrome provides basic reading facility if you are only looking to read something and does not require any extra features. However it is really fast and opens the documents really quickly.

chrome pdf

Firefox  also provides a built-in PDF reader that lets you read your documents. The good thing about Firefox is that it opens the reader as a web page and provides the additional security of a web page that is not really found in Adobe reader.

Microsoft Edge: For those who prefer Microsoft edge can also use the built-in PDF reader. It too does not provide a lot of features but does come in handy if you are looking to quickly open and read your document only.

edge pdf

Check the Version Of Adobe reader:

In order to check the version of the currently installed version of Adobe reader you need to follow the following steps:

  • Open Adobe reader.
  • Click on Help on the top menu and select About Adobe reader.
about Adobe reader
  • Now a small window opens with the version details on the top.

How to check for Updates:

You might want to be updated with the latest version of Adobe reader, so in order to check for updates that are available for the Adobe reader you can follow the steps given below:

  • Open Adobe reader.
  • Click on Help on the top menu and select Check for Updates.
check for updates
  • It will start Downloading the Updates if any.
check for updates2

Install Latest version of Adobe reader:

Adobe reader is a very convenient reader, that lets the users open read,edit, highlight any document they want. It is the most widely used reader for PDF files. With several updates over the time, it provides several features and also let’s you Download it for a plenty of Operating systems. Not only that, it also lets you download in several languages.

So all you have to do in order to get the latest Adobe Reader is hop over to their website and select the operating system and the language you want it to download it in.



As soon as you start downloading, save the file and you can simply then install from the file offline.


Double-click on the executable file and it will start installing without internet.