Add SFTP And SSH Support To Windows Explorer

If you are a power Internet user, you must be familiar with FTP, SFTP and SSH protocols. FTP mean File Transfer Protocol and it does what it says, transfer files from one computer to another through an Internet connection. SFTP mean secure FTP, an encrypted and secure version of FTP protocol. SSH means Secure Shell which is usually a part of Linux Operating System. Using SSH, a user can operate the computer remotely in a secure communication. The webmasters are especially familiar with this terminology because they are the only who have to, mostly, transfer files from their local computers to the webservers and vice versa.

The most popular free client for using FTP/SFTP protocol is FileZilla and if you want to use SSH, you can use PUTTY client. But what if you can get all this integrated inside Windows Explorer? It will make it a lot easier to transfer files using Windows Explorer because we are used to working with Windows Explorer.

Swish for Windows Explorer

Swish is a Windows Explorer extension which integrates SFTP/SSH protocol with Windows Explorer. So by using Swish, you can easily use Windows Explorer for your SFTP operations.

Swish seems to be a competitor to WinSCP which is a popular SFTP/SSH client for Windows but Swish seems better because of its integration with Windows Explorer.

In my opinion, since Swish is still in Alpha, it should should be used in a testing environment. When I was testing Swish, sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it gets stuck in the middle of its operations.

Swish is compatible with all versions of Windows starting from Windows 98.

Download Swish extension for Windows Explorer