Add Search Providers In Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 does not include a separate search sidebar. The main address bar is also used as a sidebar like Google Chrome. The default search provider for IE9 is Bing but you’re free to change or add more search providers.

The search provider gives instant suggestions while we type in the Internet Explorer 9 address bar. This can help us complete our query easily and know that the query is being submitted by other people too.

There are two categories in Search Providers: Web Search and Topic Search. Web Search includes general search engines like Google, Ask and Yahoo while Topic Search provides search engines for specialized topics like for consumer advice, ESPN for sports,  Microsoft for searching Microsoft related content, Facebook to search within Facebook, Wikipedia and Amazon etc.

add search provider in ie9

To add a new search provider, just open Internet Explorer 9, go to the Internet Explorer Addons site and click on the search provider you want to add. This will open a dialog box to add the search providers to IE9. Make sure that you check “Use search suggestions from this provider” checkbox if you want get instant suggestions. You also have the choice to make this provider as your default search engine.

How To Use Search Providers In Internet Explorer 9

Using and changing search providers in IE9 is very easy. You only need to type in your search phrase in IE9 address bar and it will give you which search provider you’re using and whether to enable search suggestions from that provider or not.

turn on suggestions in IE9