A Simple But Feature Rich Sticky Notes Software For Windows

Windows 7 comes with it’s own built-in sticky notes tool. It is light weight and useful but very limited. I have already written about how to backup and restore sticky notes in Windows 7. There are many third party sticky notes programs for Windows but Hott Notes seems to be more feature rich than most of the other free software.

Hott Notes is a very simple and easy to use tool which can be installed in Windows XP as well as Windows 7. When you start Hott Notes, it will give you three types of notes options that you can create.

Create new sticky notes in Hott notes

  1. Message note
  2. Checklist note
  3. Scribble note

You can bring up this menu by pressing WinKey+N hot key.

Message note is the normal note taking window. You can type text into the sticky note and also format the text according to your needs.

Checklist note will create a checklist for you. This is very beneficial as Hott Notes can also serve as a todo list. Previously I was using Microsoft OneNote 2010 for making my todo list but now will be using Hott Notes for this purpose.

Scribble note will let you draw anything on the sticky note. You can use the mouse for the free hand drawing.

alarm clock for reminder in hott notes

When you are writing any note, you can see a formatting window right adjacent to the sticky note. The last tab is the alarm tab. You can set the alarm clock for that particular note. The sticky note will be shown on top of all windows when the alarm rings. This is a handy feature and can be used as a reminder program.

Hott Notes sits in the system tray of Windows. You can right click it to bring up the configuration menu. There is a backup manager which will backup all the sticky notes for you so you don’t have to worry about your backups. By default, all the sticky notes are backed up automatically. You can restore any note to its previous state.

Hott Notes

You can also change the hotkeys but it is recommended not to change them if they are not conflicting with any other software.

  • WinKey + N will open a new note
  • WinKey + S will bring all the open notes on top of all the open windows.

Hott Notes takes about 10MB of memory normally depending upon the no. of notes open on the desktop. So if you want to have a sticky notes program on your PC, Hott Notes is the most recommended software for you. Which sticky notes software are you currently using? What is your experience about Hott Notes?

Download Hott Notes