5 Tips to Make Your Laptop Last Longer

Laptops are more flexible computers that can be moved from one place to another without one having to worry over dismantling it. The desktop computer has two disadvantages over the laptop: the laptop can retain power for backup while the desktop only relies on uninterrupted power supply (UPS) after a power failure or blackout, laptop computers can be carried about, used on laps, desks and inside a car while you can’t move your desktop computer from one place to the other.

However, there have been proofs from researches that the desktop computer usually lasts longer than the laptop computer. This can be attributed to the fact that the laptop is movable and so can suffer some jostling and hustling in the course of it being moved from one place to another.

To overcome the problem of short untimely damage that can occur to laptops and force their users to buy new laptops prematurely, I’m going to analyzed five tips to help you make your laptop last longer.

Install a Reliable Antivirus

The first problem laptop computers (in fact computers in general) face is virus. Viruses can cause your laptop computer a lot of damages beginning from your operating system files then finally to the hardware. If you leave your computer unsecure by not installing the right antivirus program on it, you leave it vulnerable to virus attacks.

Once you start treating your laptop computer for a problem that is not affecting it, other problems will arise and the more wrong diagnoses you give your laptop, the shorter its lifespan. Install a strong and reliable antivirus program on your computer to avoid nasty situations that do arise due to virus attacks.

Run Defragmenter Regularly

The older your laptop becomes the more fragmented files you have on your laptop computer’s hard disk. When you have too many fragmented files on your computer’s hard disk your computer’s performance will dwindle and sooner than later you’ll begin to show signs of frustration which is also dangerous to the health of your laptop. Frustration can lead to anger and an angry man is bound to cause destruction.

To avoid this, schedule you laptop computer to run disk defragmenter on a regular basis to keep your hard disk in good shape.

Always Make a Check of the Hardware

Using a laptop computer requires some basic maintenance to help keep it in good order. You need to check your hardware always because of wears and tears. This is very important and crucial if you always use your laptop on the floor.

Always check components like power pack (the laptop battery charger), extended wires (if any) to prevent shock. Make sure any external device you are plugging to your laptop is in good condition before plugging it to your laptop.

Avoid Leaving it on When Not in Use

This is very important to you if your laptop did come with the power settings option that allows it to go off after been idle for a long period of time (let’s say 15mins to 20mins). Running your laptop for too long can reduce its lifespan. It will all start from the screen bulb losing its luminescence over time and cause you to change the bulb which will affect some other things on the laptop. It’s always advisable to avoid repairing your laptop as much as you can.

Avoid moving your laptop while it’s still on

Carrying your laptop up and about while it’s still on is a very risky exercise. Moving your laptop while the lid is open can cause damage to the screen and the hinges due to movements and jostling. It’s always safer to make sure your laptop is off before you carry it from one place to the other and better to make sure the lid is closed.

This is a guest article written by Paul who helps people find the best laptop deals.