4 Ways To Open Docx Document Files

In Office 2007, Microsoft introduced a file format called the Microsoft Open Office XML Format (.docx). This format is not compatible with older versions of Microsoft Word and with some other popular word processing software. Thus, Microsoft offers a list of compatibility packs for your older Office suite versions so that they can support the new format of .docx.

Today, we will look at the different options available to create, open and edit the .docx files without installing the Office Suite. We have solutions for the people with different tastes i.e. view your .docx files either using online tools or install an alternative suite. You may also think of converting your file to other formats. We have gathered all these options for you.

Use Online Viewers

Several online viewers can be used to view .docx documents. Gmail allows you to view attached docx document using Google Docs. Recently, Google Docs have been renamed to Google Drive which also comes as a desktop app.

Google Drive allows you to create and edit .docx files. You can also upload your files or folders which are stored on your PC. It provides all the basic features of word processing software. You can share your files with your friends and get them synchronized over the cloud using Google Drive.

Google Drive

Think Free Online is another online tool which enables you to view word files without opening them in the Office Suite. You need to create a free account on ThinkFree Online to receive more benefits. You may view your files, save them online and access them from anywhere. You can also use your Gmail credentials to use ThinkFree Online without signing up for an account.

Install Alternative Software

You may also install alternative software to the Office Suite which usually support the Word, Excel and the Powerpoint tools. Kingsoft Office is a free alternative to the costly Microsoft Office Suites. Kingsoft office can open the word documents which are stored using the .doc and .docx formats. It can also create .doc/.docx format files. Kingsoft Office is a lightweight alternative which offers Word, Excel and Powerpoint in its suite. Other alternative software include the Libre Office and Apache OpenOffice.

Install Browser Extensions

Another option is to install the browser extensions that could read the .docx format. Installing lightweight extensions will  free you from installing any software and lets you view documents easily.

Docs Online Viewer is an extension for the Firefox users which uses API of Google docs and Zoho Viewer to open the files of different formats.  It supports PDF, DOC, DOCX and some other formats.

Chrome Office Viewer (Beta) is an extension for chrome browser that lets you open the Microsoft Word, Excel and the PowerPoint files with a single click.

Convert file formats

Although, this option is not very handy. However, you may sometimes need to convert the .docx file into any other format. Zamzar  is an online tool that converts your documents from one format to another. It is a simple 4-step process which including uploading file, selecting the desired format, entering email address and pressing the ‘Convert’ button. The converted file will be sent to your email address. You need to sign up for a free account on Zamzar to grab your converted files.

zamzar docx converter

Docx-converter offers a portable solution for .docx format conversion. It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7. If you do not want to download any software, you may use the online converter to convert your files to other format quickly. The converted file is sent to your email address. It may strip out some formatting from your .docx document but it has fixed several issues, now. It also come as a desktop widget which is very helpful to convert the files from your desktop. It supports lesser several formats as compared to Zamzar, still, you may think of  Docx Converter  Desktop widget as an option.

docx online converter

Did you find today’s post helpful? Do share with us , if you have any other way to .docx document file without an Office suite.

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