3 Ways to Check wifi Password on Windows 10

It might happen that you add a password of your Wi-Fi, you get connected on Windows 10 and completely forget the password. So in case you want to connect to the same Wi-Fi on a different device or you might want to access the router settings which is impossible without the Wi-Fi password,you need to know What the password was. So in order check/View the Password, just follow some of the methods given below:

By Using Windows Settings

The most easy method of viewing your Password is by accessing it through the Windows settings. Just Follow the steps Given below:

  • Go to Settings by simply searching it in the Start menu.
  • From the settings menu, click on Network and Internet.
  • After opening it, Scroll down Network and Sharing Center . Click it.
network and sharing center
  • After opening Network and Sharing Center, under the view your active networks, Click on the network whose password you want to see.
  • Now from the properties section, click on the wireless Properties. It opens a Dialogue box.
wireless properties
  • From the opened Dialogue box, go to Security and under the network security key, click on Show Characters.
show characters
  • In the network security key section, You will be able to view/see the password of your saved Wi-Fi connection.

By using Command Line:

You can easily find the password of the saved Wi-Fi by entering some command in the command prompt of Windows 10. Just follow the steps and copy paste the commands given below and you will be able to view the password without any problem.

  • Open Command Prompt by searching it in the search bar of start menu.
  • Right-click on command prompt and select run as administrator .
command prompt
  • As it opens with administrative privileges you can simply type the command: netsh wlan show profile.
command prompt
  • This command will show all the wi-fi networks you have ever connected to after installing windows for the first time. From this list see the network whose password you want to view.
  • Now after choosing the wi-Fi connection, type the command :
    netsh wlan show profile [wifi-name] key=clear.
  • It will show a complete information about this particular network. From this information, look for Key content which is the password of that network.
key content

By using Wi-Fi Password Revealer :

There is a program by the name of Password Revealer that let’s you see the password of all the networks you have ever connected to in the past, this is actually the best part of the program that you get to see all the passwords at once. So in order to view these follow the steps given below:

  • Now after it downloads, double-click the .exe to start installing it.
  • Select the language, click on I accept and keep clicking next until it starts the installation process.
select language
accept agreement
  • After it is installed, open it and you will see that it shows all the connections you have ever connected to and their passwords in front of them.
password revealer

There you go! These are some very easy methods of viewing your Internet connection password in Windows 10.