3 Ways To Change The Default Browser In Windows

There may be many browsers installed on a computer but there is always one default browser in which all the webpages will open by default. Each browser has an option to make it the default browser in Windows. Windows also has an option to make any browser the default system browser.

Using Windows Default Programs to select the default browser

Let’s first look at the option in Windows for making any browser the default one. If you’re using Windows 7, go to Start Menu Search and type default programs. Select Default Programs option and then go to Set Default Programs. Now select the browser you want to make as default and then click on Select this program as default. You can also select Choose defaults for this program for advanced options in which you can select the file types which you want to open by this program.

set default programs

Now lets look at the second method, making a browser default using its own options. Every browser has its own options. I will tell you about making popular browsers the default system browsers.

Making Internet Explorer the default browser

To make Internet Explorer the default browser, open Internet Explorer and go to Tools –> Internet Options –> Programs and click on Make default button to make Internet Explorer the default browser.

Internet Explorer default browser

Making Firefox the default browser

To set Firefox as the default browser, open Firefox and go to Options –> Advanced –> General. Under System Defaults, select Always check to see if Firefox is the default browser on startup and then click on Check now button to make it the default browser immediately without restarting.

Firefox default browser

Making Google Chrome the default browser

If you want to use Google Chrome as your default browser, you can open Google Chrome and go to Settings –> Tools –> Basics and click on the button Make Google Chrome my default browser.

Google Chrome default browser

Making Opera the default browser

To make Opera the default browser, you can open Opera and go to Settings –> Preferences –> Advanced –> Programs and select Check if Opera is default browser on startup. You will need to restart Opera in order to make it the default browser.

Opera the default browser

Making Safari the default browser

Safari gives the option to make any browser the default browser. You can go to Edit –> Preferences and select Safari or any other browser from the Default web browser drop down menu. It will show all the installed browsers.

Safari default browser

Using Software to select the default web browser

If you want to quickly switch among various browsers to make one the default one, you can use Change Default Browser software to quickly choose the default browser. The program interface is pretty simple. It will automatically detect the browsers installed in the system and display a list with their installation path. You can select any browser and Set default browser.

Change Default Browser

Download Change Default Browser