3 Tips To Speed Up Game Performance On A Windows PC

A friend of mine asked me about the performance issues while playing the games. Windows comes with a bundle of extras which start with Windows and consume valuable processor time and memory usage. The processor and RAM become more important when one is playing a modern game. Most of the modern games are processor intensive and use GPU and RAM extensively. While we can’t improve the performance much without upgrading our hardware, there are a few tips which one can follow to stop all extra services and processes running in Windows so that the game can take as much of the processor and RAM usage as possible. So here I’m giving three tips to increase and enhance game performance in Windows. All these tricks can be applied in parallel and will enhance the performance separately.

1- Use Game Booster to stop extra services

Game Booster is a handy tool from IOBit which lists down extra and unimportant services which are usually not needed in routine. These services can be disabled without destabilizing the system. Download Game Booster from here and scan the system for extra services, disable them and move on to the next step for more optimization.

2- Close/save all the extra programs

If you have programs open in Windows while playing games, then you must know that these programs will take a lot of processor and memory usage in order to keep running and often halt the CPU operations. The best way to play games is to close all the open programs and then start the game. But there are times when we can’t just close all the programs we’re working on. We need to save our work and start all the programs back after playing the game. In this scenario, two tools come in my mind which can save all the current work environment and restore it later on when we need it. One is SmartClose and the other one is AlarcrityPC. SmartClose can take a snapshot of the system and close running programs whil AlarcrityPC is different. It creates different profiles. You can configure different settings of each profile according to your needs.

3- Use ReadyBoost To Enhance Swap Performance

While Swap is not usually used in games with smaller memory footprint or system having larger RAM, it is a good idea to optimize the Swap if it is ever used by the game. ReadyBoost is the technology developed by Microsoft and comes in by default in Windows Vista and Windows 7. ReadyBoost can enhance the performance of the PC by using a USB external device for Swap.

If anybody knows of any other tips and trick to enhance the game performance overall, kindly let me know through comments.