3 Firefox Alternatives That Are Based On Firefox

Firefox kids

Firefox is a very popular browser which is losing the market share of browsers nowadays. This is because of some bugs in Firefox which make browsers like Google Chrome seem like run faster than Firefox. Although the browser is highly customizable, the most touted problem with Firefox has been the memory leakage. If you are running the latest version of Firefox, I’m pretty sure that you will not encounter the memory leakage problem. But the speed of the browser is still a question mark.

Although Firefox is best for general browsing, there are specialized alternatives to Firefox that are based on Firefox. We will be discussing three of the Firefox alternatives that are based on Firefox.



Since Mozilla does not offer a 64-bit version of Firefox, Waterfox comes into being. Waterfox is the same browser as Firefox but with a 64-bit compatibility. All the 64-bit addons like Adobe Flash and Java can be installed in Waterfox. Waterfox seems to be even faster than the parent Firefox because it is compiled for a 64-bit system. If you install Waterfox and have already installed 32-bit versions of Flash, Java and Silverlight then you will need to download and install 64-bit Flash player.

Download Waterfox

Pale Moon

Pale Moon browser

Pale Moon is another optimized browser which is based on Firefox code. According to the Pale Moon team, Mozilla does not offer an optimized Firefox browser for Windows. So they have stepped in with Pale Moon. Most of the features of Pale Moon is pretty much the same except that some features of Firefox have been stripped off like accessibility features and parental controls. If you do not use these features, then you should use Pale Moon instead of Firefox.

Download Pale Moon (Web installer)


Wyzo browser

Wyzo is another browser based on Firefox that is specialized for media and downloads. It comes with a built in bittorrent client for one click torrent download. It also includes multi-source download capabilities for faster downloading. Wyzo seems to have not been updated in a while because it’s still based on Firefox 3.6 which is obsolete now. So Wyzo should not replace the default Firefox installation in my opinion.

Download Wyzo

Which one of these browsers do you like? Will you use them as Firefox alternatives? Share your thoughts in comments below.