2 Ways To Enable Start Menu In Windows 8

Windows 8 Consumer Preview comes with no Start Menu. The Start Menu was a great feature of Windows Operating System for accessing all the favorite applications, documents, pictures, folders and to run files and folders on the system. Windows 8 has completely changed the way Windows will be used. Windows 8 has integrated Metro Style in place of Start Menu. The Metro style is more focused towards touch screen computers. You will feel trouble when using Metro interface with your mice. The Metro interface puts all the apps installed on your system in one screen.

Microsoft has removed the entire Start Menu interface, so you cannot enable it although you have other options like ViStart and Start 8.

Stardock Start8

The start8 will add a start orb in your windows 8 desktop and a start menu replacement. The new start menu is not the complete replacement of the traditional start menu. Because it is small version of the search interface already in windows 8. You can open this interface by moving your cursor to the top or bottom right corner of your screen. This interface covers the whole screen and start8 does occupy a small place. You can also invoke this by pressing the win key on your keyboard.

Start8, Windows 8 start menu

All the apps are available in this interface plus there is also the option to search for an app, control panel app or other files.

Note: When you have start8 running you can not open the Metro start screen by moving click on the left bottom corner of screen.

Download Start8


ViStart, Windows 8 start menu

The ViStart adds a start orb to the windows 8 desktop and a traditional windows 7 style like start menu. The start menu can be invoked with the Windows keyboard key. Except start menu settings you will not find with ViStart you have a great start menu for the Windows 8. You can still access the new Metro Start screen by click on the left bottom corner of your screen.

Download ViStart

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