Write For Technize.net

Thank you for your interest in writing for Technize.net, a rapidly growing blog with thousands of visitors daily. We have paid positions open for Technize.net authors. You can go through the requirements below to have an overview of whether you are suitable or not.

What can you write about?

We are looking for original and well written articles on topics related to software technology (currently related to Microsoft platform only), web app etc.. You can contribute tutorials and how-tos, tips and tricks and in-depth reviews of software. The software should be free and productive in a certain way. You may want to browse through the archives of technize.net to see which type of articles are usually published. We generally do not accept technology news related articles but may consider the news in which you are adding your own in-depth analysis about the news.

What do you get in return?

As an author of Technize.net, you will get full credit of your articles while the copyright remains with Technize.net. This means that you may not submit the same articles to any other place without permission.

You may add one link in the author bio if you are writing a guest post on Technize.net.

If you are applying for a regular author place, you will get payment of your articles. The payment varies from $5 to $30 per article depending upon several factors including the quality of articles you are producing. The payment is usually made through Paypal.

Article submission guidelines

Before you submit your article, you should read the following guidelines carefully and make sure you follow all of them.

  1. The content must be original and should not be published anywhere else. The content should not be spun using the spinning software or rewritten from another piece of writing on the web.
  2. The article should always provide value to the user. Only informational articles or list articles without any purpose will not be accepted. Proper how-to articles and tutorials are highly recommended.
  3. There is no limit on the length of the article but the article should be able to serve the purpose of the topic in focus and should give an in-depth information on the topic. We recommend 800+ words as article length.
  4. Pictures and videos are highly recommended. Pictures should be in PNG or JPG format. The picture should not be more than 150KB in size. The maximum picture size is 570 pixels width.
  5. Relevant links may be added in the article content to support the article. All the links not relevant to the article will be removed.
  6. You must add an author bio at the end of the article which may contain a link to your website or blog.
  7. The article may be edited by an editor to conform to the standards and style of our network of sites.
  8. The article should be in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) format. If there are pictures in the article, you should zip all the pictures along with the MS Word file and attach below.

After reading all the above requirements, if you feel that your article satisfies all the requirements, you may submit your guest post to support@technize.net.

And if you want to apply for a paid position on Technize.net, you may apply with a sample article along with at least three topic titles that you plan to write on Technize.net.