Download Silverlight 5.1 Offline Installer Setup

Microsoft has just released a new version of Silverlight 5. The latest version becomes Silverlight 5.1.10411.0. For those who don’t know what Silverlight is, Microsoft Silverlight is a direct competitor to Adobe Flash and Adobe Air and can be used to create web graphics and animations. While Silverlight is not as popular as Flash, it(…)

Microsoft Security Update June 2011 ISO Image Download [KB913086]

Microsoft has released the security patches and updates for the month of June 2011. A total of 18 updates have been released. The updates have been released for Windows Operating System and other Microsoft products like .NET Framework, Microsoft Office, Windows Server and Internet Explorer. If you have Windows updates enabled in your computer, you(…)

Download Visual Studio LightSwitch And Training Kit

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is another addition to the Visual Studio Suite of development tools. LightSwitch is a development tool to create high quality business applications for the desktop and the cloud. LightSwitch contains some pre-configured templates that you can use to perform business tasks easily without much work. The templates include easy input of(…)

Silverlight 5 Beta Features And Download

Silverlight 5 is finally out but it’s still in beta. Silverlight is a Microsoft platform for creating rich Internet applications on the web. Silverlight 5 takes over Silverlight 4 with 40+ improvements including dramatic video quality and performance improvements. The top features of Silverlight 5 beta are: XAML Debugging with breakpoints for binding debugging Implicit(…)

Windows Embedded Compact 7 Download Free

Windows Embedded Compact 7 RTM is available for download from Microsoft. Windows Embedded Compact 7, the next generation Windows Embedded CE is aimed at the embedded devices market and can be used to build a broad range of small footprint devices with real-time capabilities. Included with this Windows Embedded Compact 7 are a lot of(…)

Microsoft Worldwide Telescope

Until now we have heard about tools from Google like Google Earth by which we can explore the earth by using a simple tool. You also must be familiar with Google Moon which lets us explore the moon as well. I always get stunned by exploring the moon. Now Google Mars is also functional by(…)

Download Microsoft Silverlight PivotViewer

Microsoft Silverlight PivotViewer is a tool from Microsoft which makes it easier to view and interact with large amounts of data on the web is a very informative and powerful ways. PivotViewer can be used in many applications to present large amounts of information intuitively. The scenarios include business intelligence, interanet navigation, academic research and(…)